Feb 16, 2021
2 min

How millennial’s expectations will shape the future of eCommerce

Whether or not Millennials and Gen-Z are creatures of superior sophistication will make for a lively discussion around a Bridge-table. However, if you are an online service provider, that conversation is irrelevant. The First Digital Natives and their on-line habits…
Feb 3, 2021
3 min

Social shopping, lessons from a pandemic

2021 is here and with it, a lot of hope for the future, mixed with speculations on how the pandemic will have changed the way we interact with each other. Clearly, what the world has witnessed in the past year,…
Mar 1, 2020
5 min

Into the great wide open

Recap: in our last post talked about how the internet can be more than it is, and that a great opportunity might be found in shifting online experiences towards collaboration. We also stated the realization that for this to succeed…
Nov 26, 2019
4 min

The next internet paradigm

From books to cities Is the internet complete? Think about that for a second. Is the internet we have right now the complete and final version of what may be the most important thing to have happened to mankind since…
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